i will pay you IG show

a behind-the-scenes look at how epic humans like you are building full-time businesses online.

P.S. I will pay you if it doesn't work.




i will pay you is an epic new web show, coming to @byReginaTV's IG stories in October 2017

So, what's the show all about?

It's about being the solution to always hearing about overnight successes or reading about 6-figure launches, but never actually having people show you EXACTLY what they're doing and how.


It's about taking my human friends through the same processes I've gone through to create successful brands online . . . to help them build their own amazing launches and meaningful business income. 


And then it's about showing you everything through interviews, updates, screenshots, Video, and actual facts and figures.

no more magical, mystical, mystery income.


Each show's participant has committed to letting me be completely transparent with the processes I guide them through,
the exact steps we take, and their penny-by-penny investments and income from their business.


And because (through this show) I'm only teaching methods I've used and am still using in my own businesses, I'm putting an "i will pay you" guarantee on each season for the featured business owner(s). Basically, if they follow the methods and do the work, but don't generate income, I will personally pay them $5,000 for wasting their time.

That's how confident I am that these modern business planning and growth methods work.

Oh, and if this is our first time meeting--hey. I'm Regina. I've run 10+ businesses over the last several years, and I've made a full-time income in various ways online: freelance writing, designing, teaching, and more. Through my main brand, byRegina.com, I'm trying to teach all I know, and through i will pay you (the show), I want to demystify online business by using other people as real life case studies for you . . . playing out in real time, with the ability for you to ask real questions and learn real lessons.

Did I use the word "real" enough or what?


the schedule


Date + time will be released soon


^^ Here's a trailer. Actually. There are three trailers >> 1  //  2  //  3. Just click on a number to view them.

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